Our research-based study system has four main propositions:

1. Scaffolded materials
We understand that examination questions can be differentiated by the levels of difficulty. We help learners progress through those difficulty levels in a systematic manner for each subject and topic to achieve mastery of it.  (See Bloom’s Taxonomy)

2. Strategic application
Learners learn more effectively when they recall and apply key concepts in simple and complex situations repeatedly over time. We identify important concepts for each subject/topic and  create opportunities for active recall by spacing them throughout the different sets of questions. (See Spaced Repetition)

3. Independent learning
Learners gain independent study skills while attempting exam-grade questions through guided check stops and strategic hints. This prompts learners to seek answers confidently on their own before they turn to the answer sheet for step-by-step explanations and guidance for complex questions.

4. Manageable Study Periods
Learning should be a pleasurable if not manageable event. We believe that learners would find short practice sessions efficient and doable. Our materials have been designed with this in mind. (See Pomodoro Method).

We synthesize the best ideas by experts in the fields of psychology and neuroscience and connect them in a way that is highly actionable for students and parents.