Questions to ask before the exams

Many people use the phrase “study hard, study smart’.

What does it exactly mean to study smart then? We’ve seen many students worked very hards only to be disappointed at their results at the end of the year.

As we gear up towards the final year examinations, the strategies that we adopt has to change.

In this series, we will explore essential questions to ask you child to know if they are really exam-ready.

How much time do you have to complete each question in each section?

Sometimes, the pitfall is not in the students’ ability to answer the questions. The pitfall is in the lack of ability to manage their time. This not only result in losing marks for not completing the paper, it also creates unnecessary anxiety when doing the exam. This could well be the reason for all the careless mistakes that you don’t see in their daily practice

Exam Ready Solutions

Start your preparations today by being exam smart. Here are some first steps to take

  • Identify the time allocated to complete the paper
  • Set aside time for the final checking of the paper
  • Divide the time required for each question
  • Timed practice : Always ensure that your child practice papers and complete the questions within the time limit

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