National Day and Mascots

The Straits Times put together a list of mascots Singapore has used to address and educate Singapore on important issues. Ask your child which they identify with most or even play a game on identifying the mascots and use it as a starting point to talk about the important issues that each mascot represents for.Continue reading “National Day and Mascots”

Careless mistakes

This is the season where parents would be receiving the Weighted Assessment 2 results. Have you gone beyond looking at the final score and instead, consider the child’s weaknesses and strengths? If you realise that your child is making many careless mistakes (i.e. mistakes which could have been avoided, questions that your child obviously canContinue reading “Careless mistakes”

Current affairs : Transport

Students often lament that there are components in the English exam that they cannot study nor prepare for. That is true if your definition of studying is to do last minute learning. In components like the PSLE oral examinations, there is really no secret or technique to scoring the conversation segment. For a start, youContinue reading “Current affairs : Transport”

Questions to ask before the exams

Many people use the phrase “study hard, study smart’. What does it exactly mean to study smart then? We’ve seen many students worked very hards only to be disappointed at their results at the end of the year. As we gear up towards the final year examinations, the strategies that we adopt has to change.Continue reading “Questions to ask before the exams”

How to spend less time yet be more effective studying?

Is your child spending hours studying but not achieving the results that they deserve?  Perhaps it isn’t about the amount of time spent revising work but whether information is retained when one is studying. By spacing out study periods and having intervals between, studies have shown that learners can retain more information. Introducing….. Spaced RepetitionContinue reading “How to spend less time yet be more effective studying?”

How long should each study session be?

Planning a schedule that is packed to the brim with revision may not always be the most productive. You may think that by setting aside a large portion of time for revision every day, your child will automatically do well. Unfortunately, the law of diminishing returns can set in quickly which can increase anxiety andContinue reading “How long should each study session be?”

How do I choose a good assessment book?

During the circuit breaker (the Singaporean term for having restricted movement due to the pandemic), I had to think about what I could do with my kids so that they would still have some form of “learning” at home. I went to the bookshop to pick out some activity books for them (a nicer termContinue reading “How do I choose a good assessment book?”