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Mama Chu & Mama Diong

About Mama Chu

  • University Lecturer and Author with experience teaching in primary and secondary schools, polytechnics and tertiary institutions
  • Master of Education (National Institute of Education Singapore, NTU)

Mama Chu believes that children learn at their own pace and loves encouraging them to ask good questions and be curious about the world. She believes in providing the environment to heighten their interest and catching moments when her children are ready to learn. Her two bundles of joy have very different learning inclinations and she journeys with them according to their strengths and needs.

About Mama Diong

  • Ex-Principal and Head of Curriculum, Sparkanauts
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (National Institute of Education Singapore, NTU)

Mama Diong is a self-professed tiger mum, who believes that excelling in the current education system is important as much as giving them the space to play and learn. Her primary-school-going child is resistant towards tuition and Mama Diong is careful not to overload her schedule with tuition. Yet, she fears that her child will get lost in the system and it will be too late before she seeks help. She desires to use her understanding of the brain to make studying not suck!

Striking that balance

It has been a struggle to strike that balance between studying for the exams and learning for interest. We put together our teaching and research experiences and are continually refining a study system that works for primary students without having to resort to “over-tuition” and still score the exams. It was one that their children could quickly agree and adapt to, and are on their way to being addicted to studying.

The Study System

The Study System is a project borne out of our desire to help fellow mummies to use researched based techniques and strategies to study for exams. We hope to see more confident, happy students who can be efficient and productive in their studying. Oh yes, and of course, great results are but a by-product.

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