How to spend less time yet be more effective studying?

Is your child spending hours studying but not achieving the results that they deserve?  Perhaps it isn’t about the amount of time spent revising work but whether information is retained when one is studying. By spacing out study periods and having intervals between, studies have shown that learners can retain more information. Introducing….. Spaced RepetitionContinue reading “How to spend less time yet be more effective studying?”

How do I choose a good assessment book?

During the circuit breaker (the Singaporean term for having restricted movement due to the pandemic), I had to think about what I could do with my kids so that they would still have some form of “learning” at home. I went to the bookshop to pick out some activity books for them (a nicer termContinue reading “How do I choose a good assessment book?”

Bloom’s taxonomy – Different levels of cognition

Gone are the days where students have to spend hours memorising texts and committing everything that they come across to memory. With advancements in media and technology, the way we deal with and process information has changed vastly over the years so there definitely has been a shift in what learners are expected to knowContinue reading “Bloom’s taxonomy – Different levels of cognition”